Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bae Doona - Korean

Bae Doona - Korean

Born on October 11, 1979, in 1998, she enters the scene as a model. And then she began to grow up and get a TV in the name of the SBS School in 1999, she starred in her first film. This is a horror film with a girl who has a mental / Ghost In The Ring Virus.

In 2000 Bae ahead for the soap opera continues. It created opportunities for her to film the next.

In the 2001 film Take Care of My Cat has a variety of phenomena. The volume of comments are positive. As well as honored to have been screened at numerous film festivals.

Her next film is a film in Japan by Nobuhiro Yamashita’s Linda Linda Linda, she plays a Korean exchange student who has been with the band Rock female and a Return to the news. She also starred in the film began.

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